About Me

Hey, this is Frederik and this is my story.
It all began as a kid, and even throughout the hardships of being a teenager. I liked to watch people, to study them, to figure out what they are all about. Nothing would fascinate me more, put me at ease and also give me an anchor in troubled times than watching humans around me do whatever they do, and interact with other curious humans. I think this is why photography eventually found me, as a further study of human nature. It was inevitable.

Now I am a Berlin based photographer and specialize in portraits, events and documentaries. It fits my style the most when I can capture fleeting moments, powerful expressions and just this magic that happens when people are their true selves. It is the same that I did, just with my eyes, as a kid, and I try to be as candid as possible, like a child in the crowd. I very much enjoy diving into the endless facetes of lifestyles, behaviours and the verious contexts of living. Establishing a connection to a person to get a deeper feeling for the subject and its surroundings fascinates me the most about photography. This is something intangible that sets every photographer apart.
No matter if a grandiose wedding, a formal corporate event or a documentary in a conflicted country, I immerse and mingle to capture the truth and vibrancy of the moment. Send me to any happening, anywhere in the world, and I will deliver. I have been to Pakistan, China and various other countries to gain a lot of experience in unfamiliar and sometimes hostile environments. Recently I was invited to Chile to teach photography in the beautiful Atacama desert.

I wasn’t always a photographer. I studied Psychology and Business Communication but ultimately fell so much in love with taking pictures, and with the great feedback from clients, that I couldn’t help but fully embrace this as my main profession. My focus always is on delivering great imagery, with a personal touch. Until now, most of my work came from word-of-mouth recommendations and face-to-face networking, and I would like to keep it very close-up and personal like this. I am reliable, easy to work with and fun to be around.

If needed I can also provide considerable German and English writing skills.

“To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.” – Elliott Erwitt